The Vispadjinn: Synopsis

Hederick Grunwald wants to be an adventurer; adventures won’t come to him, so he sets out to find his own.

Things start badly. Petty crime leads to his arrest as a vagrant and being shipped off to Atelia in a slave cage. If he thinks things can’t get worse, he’s wrong. Cue an attack by the Vispadjinn, a monster with a jackal’s head and six pairs of arms. Luckily, help arrives in the guise of Elghios, the Lord of Aelghir, who also offers Hederick his long-awaited adventure.

For the enigmatic Elghios, the chance of redemption lies in a quest for the power needed to destroy the monster once and for all. All he has to do is lead his rag-tag collection of soldiers and freed slaves far into the north, to ask a powerful enchantress to grant him a power beyond his understanding. To get there, the adventurers must travel through barely explored lands that are inhabited by witches, demons and demi-gods.

Elghios knows better than to trust the witch who has sent him on this quest, nor the troop of adventurers and criminals he takes with him. Of course, they probably have good reason not to trust him either!

On this journey, they all encounter betrayal and sacrifice, comradeship and love. Beset by demons, beasts and witches, some fail to complete the journey while others join them on their way. Even if Elghios returns with his power he will have to manoeuvre his way through the political machinations of others to achieve his goal.

And this adventure is just the beginning – the first move, in an epic ‘game of chess’.

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