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As of today we have 199 likes on Facebook. Thank you to everyone that follows us.

Apart from posting on Facebook and Twitter quite regularly, we also post on some Fantasy forums: Fantasy-Faction, Best Fantasy and The Fantasy Forum. They have some interesting discussions on all fantasy areas. Worth taking a look, if you have a spare moment!

Perseverance is a virtue

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Sometimes it’s hard to keep on writing. There can be any number of reasons why – inspiration dries up or maybe you get a bad review. It’s important to keep going and remember that all writers have difficult times but eventually they get through them. Reading about the struggles of now famous and successful authors can help put things into perspective.  J.K. Rowling has talked of the countless rejection slips she received before a publisher had faith in her books, but she never gave up. One critic wrote that The Great Gatsby was the most boring book he had ever read! Obviously not everyone is destined for fame or fortune and it is certainly rare for success to come overnight.

The support of fellow strugglers can help as witnessed by the huge number of writer communities and forums out there. Many writers are generous with their advice and practical tips and reading their blogs can be just the inspiration required to get back to the computer!

So it’s on with volume two……..


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The etiquette on literary forums seems to be that you can’t just ask for reviews of your novel. You are expected to contribute to other threads, which is fair enough.  In fact, most of the forums have a separate thread just for advertising/promoting.

The aim of a forum is to nurture an on-line community of like-minded people and as with most things in life – you only get out what you’ve put in!  We’ve started up a thread on collaboration which has provoked some very interesting responses. There seem to be many more writing partnerships out there than we’d been aware of. One of the favoured approaches to collaboration seems to be writing alternate chapters. We’ve gone for a different approach as outlined in our post on here Who is Sherwood H Smith.

The only problem is how time-consuming these forums can be – and rather addictive!

Fantasy Forums

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An important part of the writing/publishing process is what comes after – the marketing of the novel.

Obviously if you are an established, successful author you have a head start with a publishing house with all its resources behind you. For the first timer it’s really tricky and to a large extent you have to rely on friends and word of mouth recommendations. That’s why we’ve been urging you all via Facebook and this website to write us some reviews on Amazon Kindle.

Another avenue open to new authors is to try to publicise via forums. We have been amazed to see how many fantasy novel forums there are. When you actually sign up and see how many visitors, how many sub Forums, how many threads exist you wonder where people find the time! And it’s not just a few geeks talking to each other – we’re talking thousands of members on many of these forums. They all seem very well organised with dedicated threads for publicising your novel. So far we have posted on:‎,

All these sites have support for authors where you can ask advice from other writers as well as the more usual fan threads discussing the minutiae of favourite works.

Our first review!

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How exciting – our first review has just appeared on Amazon Kindle. Even better the reader liked the book and has given us 5 stars.

I feel rather guilty asking people to review our novel as I haven’t bothered to do that many reviews myself. My excuse is that most of the books I read are already best sellers and have heaps of reviews by the time I get to hear of them. I promise to make more of an effort now!!

How much weight do you place on a reader  review when buying a novel? I must say I base my decision on a mixture of the synopsis and the reviews, if I’m not already familiar with the author.  It’s always helpful to read several reviews to get a more balanced overview. I don’t tend to be influenced that much by the critics but prefer word of mouth recommendations. I also belong to a book club which together with on-line forums are great ways to hear of new novels.

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