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Friday 18 and Saturday 19 both The Vispadjinn and The Usurper, part 1 and 2 of The Azhad:Elgir, will be free to download from Amazon Kindle – both the UK and the worldwide .com site.

Volume 3 is well on the way!

Creatures of fantasy

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For those of you who like lists, here is a full list of the creatures who feature in the 2 volumes : The Vispadjinn and The Usurper.

Cryptozoology of the Lands of the Azhad


Family trees!

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Need to check out the relationship between various characters in The Usurper – take a look at this useful family tree.

The Families of Borgios of Aelghir and Crixos of Arkis

Characters for The Usurper

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Clink the link below to get a full list of characters from volume 2: The Usurper


Alphabetical List of Characters Book 2

Character list for The Usurper

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Check out this useful alphabetical list of characters that feature in volume 2, The Usurper:


Alphabetical List of Characters Book 2

Character list for The Vispadjinn

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Alphabetical List of Characters, Book 1

Akaromotajiron (Elf King, upper Samarin)                                                                                                    1 ix

Akiriyashimura (daughter of Eturujonakatan)                                                                                             1 ix, x

Anestinia (wife of Parienthesis)                                                                                                                        1

Angatsu (First Archbishop)                                                                                                                                1 xvi

Anja Hroddsdottr (First Mate of the ‘Valkyrie’)                                                                                           1 xiii

Aristophanes (the Eunuch, son of Parienthesis)                                                                                            1

Arnulf Maartensen (cousin of Begrid Gormsen)                                                                                           1

Ashamiritakahara (daughter of Akaromotajiron)                                                                                        1 ix

Begrid Gormsen (clan chief’s son from Varanga)                                                                                         1

Blava (witch, sister to Issel and Yurkha)                                                                                                        1 iv

Chun, Nan and Cho (Goblin family; father, mother, son)                                                                          1 xi-xv

Crixos (Duke of Arkis, King of Atelia)                                                                                                             1 xvi

Dagmar (fire elemental/witches familiar)                                                                                                       1 iv

Elghios/Elgir, Lord/Duke of Aelghir (Regent/Chancellor of Atelia, son of Borgios and Ilea)            1

Eturujonakatan (Elf King, lower Samarin)                                                                                                     1 x

Filibert Willowisp (Galagid Gnome, servant of Parienthesis, husband of Poppy)                                   1

Ghanae (mysterious, powerful witch)                                                                                                              1 p, e

Gindal (God of the Oreads)                                                                                                                               1 vi

Gulcan (the dwarf from Staithes)                                                                                                                     1 xiii

Guntar (bandit chief)                                                                                                                                          1

Hederick Grunwald/Greenwood (from Western Placidia)                                                                        1

Henrik Gallison (Sheriff of Gallisport)                                                                                                             1

Heseillah, the Enchantress                                                                                                                                 1 xii

Issel (witch, sister to Yurkha and Blava)                                                                                                        1 iv

Kagetsweyu of Mbene, Baron (Knight of Nguinae, lover of Ebu-Assotto)                                              1

Karamanis/Karaman, Captain Erimides (aide to Elghios)                                                                        1

Kaspar ‘the Red’ Olaffsen (warrior from Varanga)                                                                                      1

Kinnere Ro (retainer to Ebu-Assotto)                                                                                                              1

Lin (Goblin maid, ‘sister’ to Su, Yin and Pei)                                                                                 1

Lonia Eremecci (stowaway from Iberoa)                                                                                                      1

Mebetsu of Ebu ‘Assotto, Count (Knight of Nguinae)                                                                 1

Mihu (Oread Nymph)                                                                                                                                         1 v, vi

Nakurimotajiron (brother of Akaromotajiron)                                                                                              1 ix

Ogacho (centaur of Gindal)                                                                                                                               1 vi

Olfides, Count (betrothed to Raeyana)                                                                                                           1 e

Oracle, the (One of the Old Goddesses, serves the people of Aelghir)                                                       1 p

Parienthesis (merchant of Delphis)                                                                                                                  1

Pei (Goblin maid, ‘sister’ to Su, Yin and Lin)                                                                                 1

Peremides, Duke (later Lord) of Aelghir (Elghios’ uncle)                                                                             1 e

Poppy Willowisp (Galagid Gnome, servant of Parienthesis, wife of Filibert)                                           1

Raeyana (Elghios’ half-sister)                                                                                                                           1 e

Rashinda (daughter of Yenghis)                                                                                                                       1,

Rufio Anaconti (the poet)                                                                                                                                  1 xiii-xvi

Steychal Maartensen (sister of Arnulf Maartensen)                                                                                     1

Su/Susan Karamanis (Goblin maid, ‘sister’ to Yin, Lin and Pei)                                                                1

Takemotoratanon (son of Akaromotajiron)                                                                                                 1 ix

Tharjen Hammerskold (Captain of the ‘Valkyrie’)                                                                                      1 xiii

Thenobeia (daughter of Parienthesis)                                                                                                              1

Torovanis/Torovan, Captain Yeorghos (successor to Karamanis, aide to Yula)                                    1 xvi

Yenghis (dwarf merchant, friend of Parienthesis)                                                                                         1 ii, v

Yin (Goblin maid, ‘sister’ to Su, Lin and Pei)                                                                                 1

Yuki (Oread Nymph)                                                                                                                                          1 v, vi

Yurkha (witch, sister to Issel and Blava)                                                                                                        1 iv

Yushimitakahira (daughter of Akaromotajiron)                                                                                           1 ix

Zegred Estevich (from Jadesch)                                                                                                                      1i-vi, xiii, xv

Zoltan Huntelaar (from Jadesch)                                                                                                                     1 i-vi

Land at the time of Elghios

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If like me, you need a little help sometimes visualising the geography in a novel, here’s a map to help with the places mentioned in The Usurper.
The Land at the time of Elghios


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