Volume 2

December 5, 2013 § Leave a comment

Several of the major characters from volume 1 such as Elghios and Hederick reappear in the new volume as do some of the minor characters. As you’d expect there are also many new exciting ones to get involved with! Seven years have passed since we left them so a lot has happened in the interim. As I’ve noted elsewhere the overall feel of this volume is different with the emphasis on political intrigue and its resulting military conflicts rather than on a journey or quest. Don’t worry though, the fantasy element is still very much present. There is a wide variety of faery folk and magic plays an important role too. As with volume 1 there are dark, adult themes – this is not a children’s story! Characters do not divide neatly into good and bad; they have aspects of each. I think it’s fair to say that in general there are more interior scenes and more important female characters.

The plot line is now more or less established and we’re busy fleshing out various episodes and characters in more detail.

We’re hoping that volume 2 will be ready early spring time and we’ll keep you posted on that!

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